Solar Hot Water Heating

Solar Domestic Hot Water Heating Systems, also known as solar thermal, are designed to heat your domestic hot water from the sun.

Did you know...

16% of a residence's total energy demand is used to heat hot water?

With a solar hot water heating system, you can typically eliminate 55 to 75% of that cost.

By adding a few more collectors, we can design a solar energy system to supplement your home heating needs as well.

That can really add up if you use costly heating oil or expensive electricity to heat your water.

How do they work?

Solar thermal systems are designed to capture heat from the sun via a large collector that is specially designed to absorb nearly all the light that reaches it, while being insulated to retain that heat. The heat is conducted to a propylene glycol heat transfer fluid. The glycol is pumped through the collectors to absorb the collector heat, and then through a heat exchanger to give off the heat to the potable domestic hot water. 

The heat exchanger keeps the glycol separated from the potable domestic hot water while enabling the efficient transfer of heat from the glycol solution to the water within the thermal storage tank. The solar thermal storage tank continues to collect heat from the solar collectors whenever there is available heat in the collectors.  When hot water is required, it is drawn from the solar storage tank, and replaced with cold water. The cold water is then heated by the heat exchanger.